Hi, I’m Cate.

I was born and raised in Southern Maryland, near Solomons Island and grew up boating on the Chesapeake Bay and Patuxent River.  Since birth, my father, a Naval Architect, introduced me to sailing on the bay and water sports. My mother, an English Teacher with a background in Modern Dance, choreographed high school musicals, which exposed me to theater and story telling from an early age. I grew up riding horses in the fields, playing soccer in the rain, basketball in the winters, skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, playing lacrosse in the spring, then shipping off to different camps during the summer. With a love of reading and writing, I remember stealing my sister’s “Seventeen” magazine whenever I could, clipping advertisements and fashion spreads to collage and post in my room.

I attended college in the Bronx my freshman year, where I explored the city as much as I possibly could in between classes and lacrosse practice. I finished off the rest of my college education at North Carolina State University, studying Textile and Apparel Management with a concentration in Fashion Development and Product Management. Internships in Publishing in the fashion closet at Jane Magazine (NYC), and in Sales at Moschino, dressing models for sales appointments on Conduit Street in London, I continued to follow my passions of combining story telling through clothing and photography, landing a Costume PA job on Shawn Ryan’s “Terriers.” From working in Hawaii-California-Canada-Pittsburgh-North Carolina-New York, I’ve been able to easily adapt to life on location and embrace the local culture. From 2017-2018, I returned to Oahu for 25 episodes of CBS’s “Hawaii Five-0” as the Costume Designer.

As Assistant Costume Designer on S1 of Netflix’s “Mindhunter,” I gained invaluable experience working under Jennifer Starzyk for David Fincher, and this past fall of 2021 through the Spring of 2022 led me to leading teams in 3 different countries (USA, France, Dominican Republic), which included 5 cities (Paris-Santo Domingo-New Orleans-Chicago-Los Angeles), as the Costume Designer for Fincher’s “The Killer.” (Netflix-Feature) My passions include research, history, current trends, music, traveling, sports, creating characters, and gaining knowledge through experience with a positive attitude. Currently living in Los Angeles, have references; will travel:)

Cate Adams

Costume Designers Guild-IATSE Local 892
Motion Picture Costumers-IATSE Local 705





  • The Killer, NETFLIX-Feature (2021-2022)
    Director: David Fincher
    Producer: Cean Chaffin
  • Hawaii Five-0, CBS-Season 8 (2018)
    Showrunner: Peter Lenkov
    Producer: Craig Cannold
  • Doubting Thomas, Feature (2018)
    Directors: Will McFadden + Anthony O’Brien
  • Facing Life, Short (2014)
    Co-Costume Designer
    Directors: Collier Landry + Kate Sargeant
  • Dress, Short(2013)
    Director: Henry Ian Cusick
  • Orange County Hill Killers, Short (2012)
    Director: Katie Downer
  • The Short List: Bait, Short
    Director:John Ching


  • Good Girls, NBC-Season 4 (2020-2021) Assistant Costume Designer
    Costume Designer: Peggy Schnitzer
    Executive Producer: Jenna Bans
  • Reminiscence, WB (2021) Los Angeles Costume Buyer
    Costume Designer: Jennifer Starzyk
    Director: Lisa Joy
  • SWAT, CBS–3 Episodes (2019) Costume Shopper
    Costume Designer: Johnny Pray
    Producer: Shawn Ryan
  • Lethal Weapon, FOX (Pilot, Season 3-Eps 303-310) Shopper
    Costume Designer: Genevieve Tyrrell
    Executive Producer: Matt Miller
  • $1, CBS ALL ACCESS-Season 1 (2018) Assistant Costume Designer
    Costume Designer: David Tabbert
    Executive Producer: Jonathan Starch
  • Mindhunter, NETFLIX-Season 1 (2016-2017) Assistant Costume Designer
    Costume Designer: Jennifer Starzyk
    Executive Producer/Director: David Fincher
  • Max, HBO-Pilot(2015) Principal Set Costumer
    Costume Designer: Leesa Evans
    Executive Producer: Lena Dunham
  • The Player, NBC-Season 1 (2015) Shopper
    Costume Designer: Genevieve Tyrrell
    Producer:Jim Campolongo
  • Awkward, MTV-Season 5 (2015) Set Costumer/Shopper
    Costume Designer: Kime Buzzelli
    Producer: Mike Chessler
  • The Family, ABC-Pilot (2015) Assistant Costume Designer
    Costume Designer: Kathryn Morrison
    Producer: Jenna Bans
  • Fear The Walking Dead, AMC-Pilot (2015) Principal Set Costumer
    Costume Designer: Stephani Lewis
    Producer: David Alpert
  • Secrets and Lies, ABC-Season 1 (2014) Costumer/Shopper
    Costume Designer: Kathryn Morrison
    Producer: Barbie Kligman
  • The Kroll Show, Comedy Central-Season 3 (2014) Shopper
    Costume Designer: Hilary Olson
    Producer: Nick Kroll
  • Those Who Kill, A&E-Season 1 (2013) Costumer/Shopper
    Costume Designer: Kathryn Morrison
    Producer: Glen Morgan
  • Hawaii Five-0, CBS-Season 1-3 (2010-2013) Costumer/Shopper
    Costume Supervisor: Anthony Scarano
    Producer: Peter Lenkov
  • Terriers, FX-Season 1 (2010) Costumer/Shopper
    Costume Designer: Kathryn Morrison
    Producer: Shawn Ryan


  • Shameless Season 10 Promo-Buyer
    Costume Designer: Lyn Paolo
  • Hawaii Five-O Season 8-Costume Designer
  • Lethal Weapon Pilot-Buyer
    Costume Designer: Genevieve Tyrrell
  • Secrets and Lies Season 1-Buyer
    Costume Designer: Kathryn Morrison
  • Those Who Kill-Costumer
    Costume Designer: Kathryn Morrison
  • Hawaii Five-O Seasons 1&2-Buyer
    Costume Designer: Kathryn Morrison
    Supervisor: Anthony Scarano
  • Terriers FX-Buyer
    Costume Designer: Kathryn Morrison


  • American Airlines-Stylist Assistant
    Director: Stewart Cohen
    Stylist: Sybile Kohn
  • Verizon Unlimited Problems-Stylist Assistant
    Director: Jake Schreier
    Stylist: Danielle Kays
  • Journey Home Go Daddy with Danica Patrick-Stylist Assistant
    Director:Daniel Kleinman
    Stylist: Thomas Van Horn
  • Lenscrafters-Stylist Assistant
    Director: Bil Zelman
    Stylist: Sherrie Jordan
  • Pechanga Resort-Stylist
  • Sea World Commercial-Stylist


  • Asics-Stylist
    Photographer: Jeff Vallee
  • EAS Shoot-Stylist
    Photographer: John Trice
  • La Cantera-Stylist Assistant
    Photographer: Robert Deutschman
    Stylist: Sybile Kohn
  • Park Hyatt-Stylist Assistant
    Photographer: Robert Deutschman
    Stylist: Sybile Kohn
  • Hunter Douglas Blinds-Stylist & Prop Assistant
    Photographer: Lincoln Barbour
    Prop Stylist: Bergren Rameson
  • Savayasa-Props Assistant
    Photographer: Bil Zelman
    Prop Stylist: Kylie Sigurdson
  • Coca Cola-Sports Deck-Stylist Assistant
    Photographer: Bil Zelman
    Stylist: Ashley Montague



Charlie Skouras (Features)

Karen Berch (Television) 


Jennifer Starzyk Costume Designer 310.717.6360

Genevieve Tyrrell Costume Designer 310.721.9958

Larry Teng Director 818.744.6465

Craig Cannold Producer 310.600.7345